BHP Engineering & Construction, L.P.
BHP Engineering & Construction, LP


Offshore and Marine Expertise

Scoping, Design, Fabrication, Erection

BHP Engineering & Construction, LP has the global experience to engineer, design, and manage your project-from the Gulf of Mexico to the coast of Africa, onshore or off.


BHP Supports our clients with engineering and detail design for

  • Oil production platforms
  • Floating Process Storage and Offloading (FPSO)
    • Modification
    • New Construction
  • Barge dock facilities
  • Marine Dock Terminals

Our direct offshore experience includes: 

Offshore Platforms


Onshore platform engineering, and design

barge dock facilities upgrads

marine terminal docks


Recent Offshore Projects

Exxon USA

Spinel Platform, Gulf of Mexico



200 miles off the coast of Africa our laser scan experts scanned several areas of this Floating Process Storage and Offloading Ship (FSPO)

Mobil Producing Nigeria

Oyot Well head Platform


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