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Pioneering Technology

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Our Pioneering Technology

From produced water purification to extracting synthetic crude oil from used tires, BHP Engineering & Construction, LP is proud to be working along side environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and investors.


Thermal Desalination (TDU)

Patented procedure to treat excess produced and fracking water resulting in:

  • Substantial disposal cost reduction
  • Zero Liquid Discharge compliance
  • Elimination of deep well injection needs
  • Beneficial reuse of produced water

Gas to Liquid

The experts at BHP Engineering & Construction, LP are working closely with owners and operators to commercialize a new process for converting natural gas to liquid fuels.  

  • Produces high quality, high margin synthetic lube oil, wax, and solvents
  • Produces diesel and gasoline

Tire Pyrolysis

A pyrolysis process has been developed which will reclaim used tires to recover carbon black, synthetic oil, and hydrocarbon gas.

This process will result in a profitable and environmentally conscious means to turn used tires into usable products.